Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra

Pre-Primary, Primary, High School

In 2004-5 JGVK started a model school Vivekananda Shiksha Niketan . Being a non-government-run school, a special feature of Vivekananda Shisha Niketan is that is provides the pre-primary or the kindergarten level of education to the children.Thus this is an extra facility where, unlike other primary schools, children get the opportunity to enroll themselves from kindergarten or the pre-primary level and start their education from an early stage.

The school has its own Science Laboratory where the students conduct different science experiments. VSN provides the opportunity of library, consisting of about 2500 books along with journals and news papers and also books for different examinations. This facility helps the students to gather knowledge and also improve their English vocabulary. On the other hand, spoken English class is arranged for the students of classes IX and X and later on the junior classes will also be involved. English has become on of the necessary language, JGVK has taken the initiative to make the students learn this language so that they become competent to face the outer world.

Observation of World Yoga Day on 21st June 2016. Swami Nityabodhananda Maharaj, the chief guest, leaded the session as yoga instructor for the students of VSN

Independence Day on 15th August

Celebration of birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on 8th May 2017

Celebration of Environment Day on 5th June and distribution and plantation of saplings

Celebration of Book Reading Day

Celebration of Science Day

Other Activities of VSN

Educational tour once in a year

Practical class facility for science subject

Sabuj sathi for physical and mental development of the children

Yearly cultural programme

Everyday news reading and Amritabani in assembly

Library class for the students to grow more interest for reading books

Education Insurance Programme

Educational tour once every year

VSN has one Governing body and Teacher's Council. The Governing Body meets quarterly in a year to hold meetings whreas the Tacher's Council gathers every month for the meetings.

Parent-Teacher meetings are held regularly

Use of telescope