Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra

Children Organisation

As basic education is not all for the overall development of a child, JGVK started Social Awareness Programme named Sabuj Sathi. Tarun Tirtha is working for the character development of a child., operating from 2008, has 57 students at present (27 girls and 30 boys). The class are held on every Sundays in the afternoon for 2-3 hours, conducted by 3 teachers.

The class starts with a song sung by the students which tries to imbibe in them a patriotic feeling which should come out as words to inspire others in the society. The students learn dance, music, drama, recitation in the class. Physical training for physical development is a must activity for them. Along with these activities, life skill education is also given to the students This programme which includes regular physical and mental activities, help the children to develop more responsibility, good personality and behaviour in them and also to become more active in all work they do, to become a good citizen in the society they live.