Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra

Animal husbandry

The overall goal of this two phase programme (2003 to March 2010) was to raise living standard among the poorest families of 20 selected villages in Sundarban and to also contribute to sustainable environmental and social development. The programme has three separate but interrelated objectives. These are to : (1) organise the farmers in SHG's and then involve SHG leaders into village committee (VC) (2) raise living standards among the poorest families through Income generating activities, particularly livestock and thereby also improve their social life. (3) build the technical and extension capacity of JGVK and the partner organisation and the community Based organisation (CBOs) like SHG, VC, so that they become able to independently train and provide service to others.

In last one year 102 households from 5 GPs have received 1020 chicken from JGVK farm for rearing at home. Moreover, 32 households received 1500 'Banaraj' variety of chicken for rearing at home. 498 of total 970 chicken reared at JGVK farm were distributed among buyers and remaining 472 were sold as meat in the market including JGVK Training cum Hostel (TCH).

Te impact of Animal Husbandry Project as observed are:

Increased interest among local farmers towards in scientific animal rearing on commercial basis

Awareness for vaccinating the animals has increased to a degree

Practice of farm based animal rearing has increased

Local government has also been sensitized to encourage local people in more scientific animal rearing

Local farmers are more and more looking for improved varieties of animals for rearing