Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra


Eevery family of in this are of Sundarban has backyard ponds. Though the families culture fish in these ponds, here is hardly any systematic and scientific approach leading to low productivity.

The purposes of this prpgramme are:

To raise household income through the development of scientific and sustainable fish farming

To increase nutritional intake (Protein) among the poor and

To preserve local indigenous small fish species

The 4.25 acres farm in JGVK campus serves as a production cum demonstration cum training centre for scientific fish farming.

The farmers have been trained how to prepare pond, how to measure and maintain water quality. They are now able to collect and record the data related to growth and production. Now they are earnng about Rs. 10000 to 20000 per annum from fish farming. The hatchery of JGVK provides good quality fish seed to the local farmers. This is only hatchery in the locality.

In 2017 only

386 local farmers received training on scientific fish farming through JGVK Fishery Project

390 bati of fish spawn have been produced

568 Kgs of fingerlings have been produced and supplied to local fish growers

4 conservation ponds were promoted in 4 GPs for endangered fish varieties with JGVK initiative

A rally was organized to promote awareness on conservation of indigenous fish varieties.