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Amfan Storm

An appeal for Humanitarian Assistance for COVID-19 and AMPHAN Super Cyclone affected people of Sundarbans

All of you know how the devastating Super Cyclone “Amphan” hit seven districts of West Bengal in India. You have seen it on Television screen and also in social media. You must have noticed how the people of Kolkata and suburban suffering. No internet service, no mobile service, no electricity, no water supply. The conditions of the aged and ailing people are unbelievable. Even after three to four days government failed to restore the normal situation in the life of the people.

But what you have not seen or hardly seen how the people of Sundarban are struggling to survive. In one hand people are looking for electricity and on the other hand people are looking for tarpaulin to have a cover over their head. While people are in need of internet service in the city; many of the people are in need of a piece of cloth to cover their body. In the city people are demanding to restoration of water supply for their daily chores, people of Sundarban looking for pouch packet of water to meet their thirst. People of the city agitating to get the electricity but the people of Sundarban look for food to see the morrow.

Thousands of people lost everything they had, their agriculture field became full of saline water, there is no roof to take shelter, lost their cattle, and houses are completely destroyed, lost valuables whatever they had, no easy access to safe drinking water, no communicable roads, snakes and people staying side by side. Burdens are so heavy that they are not even in a position to demand their right to life and livelihood.

Time has come to make our priorities. Are we listening the groaning of the struggling masses? We are not discriminating or dividing the victims of Amphan neither we are generlise the situations but certainly we are in favour of the people who are struggling for their existence. This is our political conviction. We are with the people of Sundarban. We are confident that people of Sundarban will overcome this situation as ever whether our supports reach to them or not. But as a neighbor we must be at the side of these people in this period of extraordinary situation and their struggle to survive to accelerate the process to bring back the normal situation.

We, therefore, appeal to you all to extend your helping hand to show your solidarity with these struggling people. We really look for your heard earned money to support these people in their hardship. Kindly send your support at the bank account of our organisation, details provided bellow. We also request you to send e-mail regarding to your support at our ID-

Yours in Solidarity,

Biswajit Mahakur, Secretary, Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra ( Phone: +91 9732522848 ).

Amphan Disaster

Help for AMPHAN Effected Peoples of Sundarban

Help for AMPHAN Effected Peoples of Sundarban

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