Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra

Natural Disaster


Recurrent natural disasters like Cyclone and flood affecting life, livelihood, resources and environment of rural community within the Project area.


A. Lack of proper village level Disaster Management Plan

Probable solution:

• Exercising participatory Hazard Vulnerability Capacity Analysis and prepare DRMP accordingly

Measures taken:

• The Plans are in place

• The DRMPs are mainstreamed by way of acceptance by GP through Gram Sansad meetings and Gram Sabha meetings

• Follow up Advocacy meetings with authority by CBOs, SHG, Village Committees for implementation of structural measures mentioned in the Plan

• Many of the measures proposed in the Plans have been implemenmted by GP as mitigation measures

B. Lack of community based Task Forces to respond to Disasters with Early Warning message dissemination, Search and Rescue, FIRST AID, Shelter Management and so on.

Probable solution:

• Formation of Task Force and link them with the three tire PRI system to establish Government/PRI accredited Disaster Response Task Force at village level

Measures taken:

• 6 Gender balanced Task Force comprised of unanimously elected members have been formed and been recognized by GP authority

• Training of the Task Force members, especially those belonging to Early Warning, Search and Rescue, FIRST AID and Watter Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) has been conducted

• Meeting with families on promoting Family Level Preparedness including demonstration of Family Survival Kit (FSK) has been carried out