Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra


The two dimensional livelihood activities of Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra's are Farm & Non Farm Based i.e. Home Industry livelihood. The Farm based ones are Animal Husbandry for women members' income generation in particular, Sustainable Agriculture for marginalized farmers and Fish Farming as local resource based livelihood development. Increased household income and ensure food security is the overall goal of the Farm based livelihood projects.

Animal Husbandry activities were the first one among other livelihood activities for the local poor families. This was initiated through organizing women into SHG and thereafter imparting training on livestock management and time to time distribution of livestock to poor families. This was further strengthened by linking the SHG's with Block Livestock office to access the services directly.

In the fragile land of Sundarban, salinity gets combined with and resulted in low productivity of agricultural activities. JGVK emphasized on sustainable integrated agriculture through promotion of Kitchen Garden, Multi layer farming, organic cultivation, Floating garden which are some of the approaches promoted. Next to agriculture, aquaculture & fishing are the main occupation of the local people in coastal Sundarban. Improving Pisiculture in the areas for farmers with small, medium sized ponds through scientific & systematic way to increase fish production was the objective of this program.

The Home/cottage industry based livelihood for village women is primarily focused on training of local women on tailoring & garment production, woolen garment knitting, spice powder making. Every year the trained producers are called for refresher course to sharpen their skills to become Master Tailor. This was organized by JGVK through specialized textile designer from Denmark. The activity was initiated in 2007 and today JGVK is operating two sells outlets with the products made by the trained producers from the local villages.