Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra



A. Advocacy to increase food security in the Sundarbans

Supported by - SUB, IGF, Denmark

Duration - April, 2017 to March, 2019

Objectives -

Gram Panchayet covered - Nafarganj, Jyotishpur in Basanti block and Maszidbati, Chotompllakhali in Gosaba block.

B. Floating vegetable garden in low lands and ponds to ensure food security in sundarban delta region.

Supported by - Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of West Bengal

Duration - April, 2017 to March, 2019

Objectives - Sundarban area is highly flood prone due to weak river embankment and flash flood of heavy rain. Moreover almost every family has a small to medium sized pond which is not optimally used. The land holding capacity is abysmal which gives no return for the family to survive. Hence the family income is low and food security is not ensured. Under this circumstances the families' livelihood opportunities is at stake and food security was not ensured for the families, the marginal farmers in particular. To tackle this challenge in a sustainable way with the available resources of the farmers, JGVK will initiate a new appropriate technology for the farmers to address the issue of food security and supplementary income.

i) To ensure food security among marginalized population of Sundarban region

ii) To introduce new bio technological methods in farming system for economic and social development

iii) To cultivate & harvest vegetables from 24000 Sq. ft areas in water bodies of 120 Farmers

Demonstration Farm

Area - 6 acre

Activities -

Production of organic manure - we produce quality vermicompost, eichornia compost and good quality FYM for our own uses.

Organically maintained lemon garden - we have one lemon garden at demonstration farm which is totally maintained by organic

Organically maintained poly house - we have two poly houses which covered total1000 area and maintained by organic

Organically maintained coconut plantation - we have coconut plantation at farm and office boundary and road side which is also maintained by organic.

Production of organic vegetable -

Moringa (Drumstick) garden - we have 0.25 acre moringa (drum stick) plantation where PKM2 variety is maintained through organic.

Mix cultivation - we maintained 1.25 acre of land through mix cultivation like drum stick with cucumber and other vegetable and fish, which is also maintained by organic.

Mushroom cultivation -

Composite farming -

C. Training / Capacity building