Education Project
JGVK strives to ensure a brighter future for children. Knowledge is the first step to achieve a sustainable development. In the rural areas of India, about 90 % of pupils have dropped out of school before class 10 (15 years old students).

Objective: :

– Integration of the weaker sections of the society in mainstream education.
– Arrest drop out from schools.
– Develop capacity and character of the children who are part of the education.
– Provide additional tutorial for those students who are comparatively slow learners
– Ensure continuation of education to students at higher level studies by supporting education insurance scheme for individual students

Vocational education for village youth:
Snapshots from academic year 2012-13:

• In the new academic year, there has been an increase of enrolment of students by 14%.
• Vivekanada Shiksha Niketan has also upgraded to class VIII.
• 81% students are availing transport facility in school- an increase of 20% over the last academic year.
• 52.5% students passed with more than 70% marks at the end of academic year 2012.
• 22 students from the school appeared in a Talent Search Test and 2 students were selected to appear for an All India Geography Talent Search Test.
• With 14 teachers in the school, the teacher student ratio is 1:11.
• Education insurance covers 694 students in 5 schools in the current academic year.
• 10 Non formal schools run in 5 villages with nearly 150 students.
• 13 students from these non formal schools have been brought under mainstream educational institution.
• 82 students of IV- IX grade took tutorial classes for slow learners.
• In 2013, 57 students have joined computer training- an increase of 35% from the previous year.
• Every year more than 120 students from coaching and save education and environment programme and some of their parents visit different places as part of environmental awareness
• 10 youths successfully completed the carpenter training and gainfully engaged in this occupation

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