Different Voices

What gives meaning to this work and boost our spirits are the stories of resilience from amongst the people we work with, resonating the sheer grit and determination to fight the odds, the ability to dream when there is no hope and the courage and hard work displayed to make us of opportunities.

In Gadkhali sansad of Masjidbati GP, everyone was facing a major drinking water crisis as the tube well had broken down. In the scorching heat, despite a lot of cajoling with the Gram Unnayan Samity (GUS), the women were unable to get it repaired. At the persistence of the IEC staff, the group members of several SHGs decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided to raise funds for repairing the tube well. They also took a pledge to desist from using the well water for bathing and cleaning purposes. Rs.190 was raised and parts for the well were bought. Embarrassed, the GUS suddenly woke up from their slumber and apologized for their inaction. They also resolved to spread awareness about saving water and preventing water pollution. This particular GUS has become a little active.

In 110 booth of Bermojur GP, the family of Pradip Jana lived in abject poverty. With the sudden demise of Pradip Jana due to tuberculosis, his wife and 3 small children were in dire situation. Although extremely poor, they did not find their names in the BPL list. Hence the social security programmes by the government particularly, National family Benefit Scheme -NFBS (where at the death of the only earning member of the family, the surviving family is given a sum of Rs.10,000 to tide over the initial difficulties), eluded this family. With the support of JGVK, the family was was able to convince the Panchayat to provide her with 50 kg of rice. She also got a job card under NREGS.

1. Pushpa Mondal, a girl of 13 years, reading in class VII is a resident of Bharatgarh GP. Her father decided to marry off his daughter with a man aged about 35 years. JGVK working in the GP tried to stop this marriage. An effort was made to convince her parents about the harmful effect of early marriage and also they were also informed about the illegal nature of such an act. An awareness camp was organized in the village against early marriage. Following the awareness camp and continuous insistence of JGVK, the villagers also got involved and sought the opinion of the girl about to get married.  She expressed her reservations about getting married. A lot of deliberation led to a change of heart and the marriage ceremony was stopped.

2. An ICDS centre (No 523) was running in the house of a villager as the centre lacked its own building. The Head Master of 1 No Nafargunje CSFP School was contacted and finally convinced to assign a school class room for running of ICDS activities. A deputation from the guardians’ of the ICDS students was given to the head teacher who then forwarded the demand to the (SI) School Inspector.  The School Inspector agreed to assign a class room for ICDS centre. Now the centre has shifted into theCSFP School and running smoothly.

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